WebHelper Makes Steam Go Down.

WebHelpers runs independently and it is not part of steam, it instead slows down the server. It is a bug that slows down steam and makes it difficult for the gamers to do multitasking. It consumes a lot of memory from the computer and slows down the steam, it consumes 100% of CPU memory and controls opening of new web pages. WebHelper cannot be stopped from running and it is always displayed in the web pages. It is supported by the settings page. The Ctrl+Alt+Del cheat code is used to end the current tasks when the system hangs which slows down the gaming. “Is Steam Down?” – a small website is now the market leader who provides steam services.

Prevent Rusting Of Self-Tapping Screws: Use A Surface Coating!

Like any piece of hardware, self-tapping screws are also susceptible to rust and must have a protective outer surface coating for the prevention of the same. There are a variety of substances that can be used for surface coating as listed.

Hot dipped galvanized, Phosphate, Teflon, PTFE, Xylon, Zinc and cadmium are some of the coatings available with standard Tappex made self-tapping screws.

What Makes Dynamics NAV So Cool?

Dynamics NAV, the ERP solution from Microsoft, catering to the midsized enterprises is probably the most popular ERP solution. Now available at http://www.metaphorix.co.uk/ with free delivery and demo.

The solution offers the simple and the all familiar look and feel of the Microsoft office and windows OS. As an organization grows, it can outgrow the elementary system that it initially used, requiring expensive upgrades. However with NAV, whether you have a few users or you grow to a few thousand users, you avail the advanced functionality. It grows with you.

The solution supports a wide range of enterprises, with 43 official localizations. And with the ease of customizations, there is nothing that NAV cannot do for you.

Simplicity, Scalability and flexibility – No wonder, the NAV is the most popular ERP solution.